National and International Literary Publications

Mobarak Hossain Khan has been an active writer throughout his life. He has published numerous articles at national and international levels in prestigious publications

1. 'Music of Bangladesh' published in Swedish language in Swedish Encyclopedia.

2. 'Music Murmurs through the Land' published in English.

3. 'Persian Influence on Music of Bangladesh' in Persian language, published in Valie ASR A V (Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance General office of Asia and Oceanic, translated by Ms. Marzie Dashtaki).

4. Interview published in Japanese language in Asia and Pacific Cultural Center for Unesco (ACCU), Tokyo.

5. Presented a paper on 'The Persian influence on the Music of Bangladesh' in an International seminar held in Tehran, Iran organized by Iranology Foundation.

6. Presented paper on 'The Persian Impact on the Culture and Music of India’ in an International seminar organized by Aligarh University, India.

7. Participated in National and International seminars regularly in home and abroad.

8. A good number of articles published on culture and broadcasting in ACCU magazine, and Communication Journal in English from Tokyo, Japan.

9. Published entries of music, musicians and instruments of the sub-continent in Banglapedia (Encyclopedia of Bangladesh) both in English and Bengali published by the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh.

10. Research Articles on music and culture regularly publish in both Bengali and English journals entitled 'Shilpakala', two separate research magazines of National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts, Dhaka.

11. Research Articles on music and culture published in English in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh.

12. Articles on Music published in the 'Uttaradhikar', a research journal of Bangla Academy.

13. Many articles published in English on National Poet of Bangladesh Kazi Nazrul Islam in different journals, weeklies and national dailies.

14. Research articles on music, translated short stories regularly published in National Dailies.